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         YYCC Charter Member Gene Myer
                                   YYCC Charter Member Gene Myers and his Model A

Meetings were originally held once a month at the home of one of the members, and it was more or less a family gathering. Dues collected at that time were pooled at the end of the year, and usually spent on a party for the members. The family theme still runs through the club with many Husband and Wife memberships, including their children. It is not uncommon to see teenagers at the meetings, and they get involved with many of our activities.      FOR INFO ON CURRENT MEETINGS CLICK HERE


                                   Early Member Don Pauley and his 1952 Chrysler

                              Early Members Rod & Carolyn Olsen enjoying a club function

Yesteryear car club was formed in Shelton, WA in 1967 by people interested in keeping alive the history and preservation of vintage and older automobiles. Members didn’t necessarily have to have an old car, but many did. Charter Members were: Howard and Pat Austin, John and Evelyn Hubbard, John & Marge Temple, Winston Asche and Gene and Sherry Myers. Interestingly enough the Austins and Myers are still active in the club.

Other early members included Don and Mary Kay Pauley, Rod and Carolyn Olsen, and Art and Ernie Nicklaus to name a few.

           WYYCC Charter Member Winston Asche, and his 1927 Dodge

Today we have grown into a philanthropic non-profit corporation with the following purposes:

1. To serve as a medium of exchange of ideas and parts for admirers of collector cars, and to aid them in their efforts to restore and preserve said automobiles.

2. To unite in a central organization, owners of collector automobiles who are interested in restoring and maintaining these automobiles in a manner to attract prestige and respect within the community.

3. To help these owners to become better acquainted, encourage and maintain amongst its membership the spirit of good fellowship, sociality and fair play through sponsored activities including the use of collector automobiles and family participation.

4. To give back to the community.